Message from the President

To Make Customers' Work and Life Convenient


Asahi Metal Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of work tools which have received high evaluation and trust as ASAHI brand from many users for more than 90 years since its establishment in 1931.
We have produced high-quality wrenches, combination wrenches, ring wrenches and so on by advanced hot forging technology essential for making robust tools and have created many innovative products with the unique value. We aim for a further leap as one of the leading tool manufacturers in Japan.

Trusted and Chosen ASAHI Brand

Work tools are indispensable in manufacturing plants and construction sites that are responsible for manufacturing. Since our launch in 1931, we have worked on improving forging technology and making useful products for the people for over 90 years period of manufacturing. After the market had expanded all over Japan and therefore the Osaka Yao factory got cramped we moved our manufacturing base to Niigata prefecture in 1982. With the operation of the new and fairly eco-friendly factory. We have been striving to improve our technology, further increase productivity and develop products that make use of our company's unique identity. As a result, some of our products currently have the top share in Japan, and ASAHI brand has received high praise from many users for many years.

Going forward, we will try to keep improving our technology continuously, combining our wits together and developing innovative products with the unique value. We believe this will result in the further expansion of sales.
Our strength is that each employee has a strong will and enthusiasm to improve the trust in the ASAHI brand. For the future, we will sincerely create of high quality tools useful for people and actively, develop our market not only in Japan but also overseas.

President and CEO Hikari Miyano


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