Super lightweight.
Satisfactory Intensity for JIS standards.

LIGHTOOL ライツールの製品イメージ

Lightweight Yet Durable

Highly portable and workable tools are suitable for work in high places or for long periods of use. Tested design and high-quantity forging technology have produced lightweight yet durable tools, which meet the JIS standards.

Comparison with our conventional products
Size Normal LIGHTOOL Percentage
5.5×7 30g 10g 67%
8×10 30g 15g 50%
11×13 50g 40g 20%
12×14 70g 50g 29%
17×19 120g 100g 17%
22×24 215g 180g 16%

A wide Range of Sizes and Shapes

  • LSX Double open end spanner : 11 sizes
  • LCW Combination wrench : 17 sizes
  • LCWU Combination wrench : 9 sizes
  • LOF Offset wrench : 10 sizes
  • LVR Ratchet handle : 2 types

A Uniquely Shaped Head

A uniquely shaped head is lightweight yet durable.

A Compact Head

A Ring spanner head is smaller than ever before and suitable for working in confined spaces.(LOF)

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